Brown Family Five

Friday, August 29, 2008


the girls had a sleepover the other night with some friends of ours. there girls names are amberlee and sierra(sorry if i spelled it wrong)!! They had SOOOOOO much fun! it definatly was a nice break for us!
so the girls played dress up, with the princess stuff! and got there faces painted

this is all of them with there faces painted! so cute! taylor was mad the next day when i made her wash it off, ha ha!

Aspen did skylars hair. she seriously looks like a princess. she is adorable!

they all got there fingers and toes painted. Aspen also does nails so she painted little things on there toes. Tylor had flowers and a rainbow, and skylar had flowers i think! seriously aspen is there somehting you cant do!!!

i am so glad they have eachother. this was skylars very first sleepover, and she said she did so good, she never got sad once. taylor on the other hand cried for a few minuets until aspen said she could sleep with her cat. of course taylor stopped crying right away, because we all know how much she loves cats.

Aspen thank you so much for everything. they had so much fun, having princess soup and crackers, dressing up, getting there toes painted, getting there faces painted, watching a movie with popcorn, and everything else you guys did!!! they will never forget it!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Date Night!

Donnie and i actually got to go on a date last night. only the second time this summer that we have gone out(i know sad). My friend Aspen invited the girls to spend the night at her house,(she has 2 little girls) and also gave us 2 movie tickets! It was so nice of them to have the girls over! so i dropped the girls off and of course headed to the mall. i had asked her where a close mall was and she told me about one that was about 10 min. away, well i got lost and couldnt find it, but did end up finding another mall, that seriously was the coolest mall ever!Man i am gonna miss the shopping out here. so i just walked around, then grabbed so food an went home to wait for donnie to get here. we went to see The Rocker. It was really funny!!! i love that guy from the office!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Downtown Chicago!!!!

Downtown chicago is probably the coolest city i have ever been to! we drove around and saw everthing. the best part was of course the magnificant!!! As a woman, that is pretty much the coolest thing i have ever seen. Donnie couldnt understand why that was so cool to be in a place where we couldnt afford anything, ha ha hopefully all you woman out there understand! we then drove to the beach and let the kids swim and play in the sand for a little while. it ws so beautiful to be on the beach, and then turn around and see the city skyline! once the sun went down it got pretty cold though. next i made kyle take us to the place where Oprah tapes her show. that was really cool. it was kinda in a bad part of town, but oh well its OPRAH!!! i could have stayed there all night long. i have a friend out here that is my neighbor in arizona(they are snowbirds), she is going to take me and the girls to see the rest of chicago, i am so excited!! that will be on friday, so stay tuned for some more really cool pictures!

China Town

The first part of our trip to down town chicago was spent in china town. i was sooooo excited to go there, because i have never experienced a chinatown in my life. its something you always see in movies ore on t.v. it was so mucn fun! they were having some spritual sactifice thing going on. the kids were kinda scared, but it was really cool! we ate at a resturante that had really good food! then just walked around the shops. we went with some friends that were selling in the chicago office all summer so they new all the good placed to go. then i made all of us take pictures with our chinese symbol. i am a monkey, skylar is a rooster, and taylor is a horse. it was so neat to see a different culture, i love that the kids were exposed to it also!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

our apt. in chicago

it is so beautiful here! our apts. are really nice, there is a big pond with ducks right behind us and a playground for the kids. i have been taking donnie to his meetings so we can have the van for the day, and taylor is like " we dont need to take him there are so many things to do here"ha ha, i am thinking that the pond and the play ground will get old after about 30 min, but they could stay out there all day! we have been to the pool a couple times, and there is a gym at the cubhouse, so i have been there a couple times also. it does not compare to my gym in cleveland, man i miss that place. the weights here are so old that they stick,and make it even harder to do...oh well, i am just glad there is something so i dont gain 5 pounds before i go home! which by the way we are officially on the countdown. we will be leaving in exactly ONE WEEK!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cleveland Zoo

The monday before we left, i made everyone get up early and go to the cleveland zoo before donnies meeting. On mondays its free to anyone who lives in Cayahoga county!! So we didnt have to pay anything, that is definatly worth it to get up early. I figured it was gonna be pretty busy, and when we pulled up i freaked out, there was a line from the freeway pulling in. Once we got inside though it wasnt that bad, it was just like a normall day. the zoo is pretty big, thats probably why. I have to say that i really loved this zoo. this was the second time for me and the girls to go this summer, but the first time we went we missed a whole side of the zoo. most of the pictures below are from the area that we missed the first time. they have a really cool bear exhibit, and the girls got to feed the seals some fish! it started getting really hot, and we had to leave to take donnie to his meeting so we were there for about 3 1/2 hours! it was alot of fun, i love zoos!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

our arrival

holy freaking crap. i am soooo tired i cannot even see straight. i need to go to bed right now so i will make this short. so like i said in the earlier post we pretty much packed up our whole lives in about 5 hours and drove to chicago. when we got here we didnt have a home so we sat outside of the apts. for about 3 hours. i am so dang lucky that my girls are so laid back or i would have been crying my eyes out. they just played int he parking lot(i know not very safe, but we were out of options) and got there energy out. so long story short we ended up having to kick some friends out of the apts, that we were supposed to be in. i felt really bad because i dont think they had a place to go...sorry brit and parker. what a crazy day for everyone. hopefully it will be worth it for us to go through all of this to be here or i will cry, ha ha! this place is really nice though, there is a park in walking distance and the pool is really nice. its too bad were only here for 10 says.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


so donnie calls me at about 7:30 and says you better start packing because were going to chicago tomarrow to finnish the summer. FREAK!!! so lets just say that i have to pack and clean a whole apt. before 7 am. i like to pack but this is just ridiculous. the area here is pretty much out and a few guys have gone over there and said its so much better so were gonna give it a try. the good thing is, its on our way home, so were not going way out of our way. i am very sad but were up for the challange. i will miss everyone out here so much! i have made many friends that i know will be my friends forever!! so peace out cleveland you will always have a special place in my heart....CHICAGO here we come (just for 2 weeks) ha ha!

Monday, August 18, 2008


On sunday we went to this little town called chagrin falls. it has a bunch of little shops,and a really cool waterfall with a creek. it was so pretty! we walked all the way down to the river an just sat down there for like an hour, it was so relaxing. everyone was so friendly, i love being in a small town like that where everyone talks to you like your best friends.

there were little crawfish in the river. donnie ws catching them and putting them in the water bottle. the girls liked them, but were still kinda scared of them.

taylor fell in the water, and got mad of course. donnie was laughing at her.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lindsey's baby shower!

This last wednesday was a surpirise baby shower for our friend lindsey. she is such a cute pregnant girl, and it was so fun to all get together and hang out for the first time all summer. there was so much good food, and yummy desserts. her sister in law made this cake, it was so pretty and so good! whats so fun is her and her husband are moving to queen creek!

heather, me, lindsey, brittney,anna,nikki, and beth....and all of the children. taylor is taking the picture. she is such a good photagrapher!

the girls looked so cute for the shower!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

the girls

i figured everyone was sick of looking at the pig head everytime them came to my page so i decided to put some pictures up of the girls. they are getting so dang big its so sad to me. taylor litterally does not fit into anything i bought her at the beginning of the summer, she is getting huge! skylar is fitting into all of taylors clothes, which are 5's, i just cant believe it!!. they are both so excited to get home and see grandma, and biscuit.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PiG iN a ToLiEt

so my little sister jessica lives in provo with a bunch of girls and the other day some mean boys played a prank on them. they woke up to a giant pig head in there toliet. i seriously think it is pretty hilarious. gross of course but hilarious! she was freaking out all day and couldnt get it out. i still laugh at it when i think about it, and the girls keep asking me to look at the pig in the toliet. sorry jess, but that was a pretty good prank! i just thought i would share this with everyone....your welcome
p.s. it is real

Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday we went to Kirtland, second time for me and the girls, first for Donnie. Once again it really is the most amazing, most spiritual experience that i have ever had,(next to getting married in the temple), but both time i went i was fighting tears the whole time. Even the girls could feel the spirit, it was so obvious to me. right when we got out of the car and started walking over to the building skylar folded her arms and walked quietly the whole way, she doesnt even do that at church. i tried to hurry and get a picture of her but she went to itch her nose. I just LOVE being there and feeling the spirit, learning about everything that happend there. it definatly makes me appreciate the things we have and the sacrifices that we make for our families. i really wasnt to try and go again one more time before we have to leave!