Brown Family Five

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Congrats to my sister and her hubby for there new baby owen james finnestad! he is just adorable and i cant wait to meet him! i was privelages enough to be on the phone while she had him and although o would have rather been there, it was the next best thing! love you guys!

fun ones!

here is just a few fun and random ones! this is skylar with her new sun glasses!

sophie with her pretty headbands

the fam before church

sophie in the tub, what a chubbers!

board walk/nature walk

The other day we needed to get out of the house so we went to this little nature walk that im sure in the summer has all kinds of wildlife. there was even a sign that said dont feed the alligaters. we will def. be going back to that spot when it warms up. then we went to this board walk, by that time the sun was going down and it was one of the coldest days we have had this winter, so we froze! it was really pretty thought and we were lucky enough to be there when the sun went down!


Sophie is almost 5 months old and just a few weeks ago we started feeding her some rice cereal before bedtime. she likes it for the most part, and its definatly making her sleep better. i think i will start putting some fruit in in in a few weeks or so. i cant believe she is getting so big!

happy new year!

new years eve ocnsisted of lots of good food, and loads of fireworks. we went to picayune which is about 3 hours from here. the southern tradition for new years is cabbage and black eyed peas. i think it means health and good fortune? we had alot of fun setting off fireworks. and dont call cps on me but skylar was lighting the fireworks, that child has no fear. we had a very rough 2009, so im hoping that this year will be much better!