Brown Family Five

Saturday, August 1, 2009

34 weeks

well im 35 weeks now and feeling pretty good. i am having braxton hicks atleast 2 or 3 times a day and not sleeping at all. my c-section is scheduled for the 25th of august, and i have to be there at 4am. she will be born at 6am, thats so early but i think it works out better that way. I CANT WAIT TO MEET HER! also donie will be here a few days bever and its been 4 months since we have seen him. i am so excited to se him that i think i will probably loose it at the airport!

taylor starts school

I CANT BELIEVE SHE IS IN THE 2ND GRADE! she is such a big girl. so far she is not loving her teacher, but her best friend is in her class so thats good. she will only be at this school for a few more months and then we will be heading down to alabama.

Taylor turns 7!!

Taylor turned 7 on july 17. i cnat believe she is seven, i was seriously emotional that whole day. it probably doesnt help that im pregnant. i think she had a really good day though. my mom took her to get a mani and a pedi. then i took her to one of those pottery painting places, and she painted a hippo. we met my mom and jess at red robin for dinner, and they sang to her. we then went home and opened presents and had cake. my cake was a disaster. she wanted a cake with musical notes on it, which was going to be hard for me to do anyways. of course my frosting was all melted and wierd, and the day i made it it was like 115 outside so the whole thing melted everywhere. my mom called it the slug cake, ha ha!

water fight

my dad had an idea to get some water balloons while the cousins were there. they had so much fun. it took us forever to blow all of the balloons up. then he decided to play a trick on them and we told them we were gonna take there pictures and to stand underneath the balcony then he dumped water on them. they loved it and wanted him to do it again!

seattle part 2

the 4th of july was a blast. we never have good weather in seattle for the 4th, but this year was awesome! in fact all summer was really nice. we got to go to the lake a few times also. we went over to some friends from my dads ward who every year throw a huge bash, the girls loved it!