Brown Family Five

Monday, June 30, 2008

sunday bordem

last sunday we had another CRAZY weather day. we went into church and of course it was sunny, well when we came out it was hailing, rainy and windy. i seriously love the rain but i am not kidding you i am really sick of this crazy weather. so we were sooooo bored that day. we were stuck inside for the rest of the afternoon. well after about 6 hours of donnie sleeping on the couch and after i had called all of the grandparents i got the girls and decided to go for a drive. they started watching annie of course right when we left, then when we got home the wanted to finish watching it so being the nice mom i am we sat in the parking garage so they could finish watching it. i got bored and made them take pictures with me! i just have to had that my girls are beautiful!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

my little helper

This morning i woke up to taylor cleaning my whole house. she ran up to me and said, "mom i cleaned evrything, the family room, the kitchen, and my room. come see my room i made the bed and everything" i about died, everything looked awesome. she even said that she made herself a waffle for breakfast, and put skylar in time out. i said how come skylar had to go to time out, and she said" she kept being loud by your door, and you were sleeping" seriously taylor is amazing! then after donnie got up she went in and made my bed. I LOVE HER! what a good little helper she is!

Friday, June 27, 2008

SpLaSh PaD!!

i LOVE finding places like this. 10 dollars for all of us to get in for the whole day! there is a kiddie pool, splash pads and water slides, you cant get any better than that! it was cut a little bit short because of the rain (which happends every day here). we will definatly be going back to this place all summer. its nice because its only for beachwood residents so there wasnt a ton of people there. the GIRLS HAD A BLAST!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I Have been pondering on whether i should blog about this,but its too dang funny to pass up. Taylor is really into mermaids these days, like not the little mermaid, but the real thing. i dont know if any of you have seen this movie, its called AQUAMARINE. It really is a cute movie and we have watched it like 5oo times in the past year. i even bought it for her for her birthday. well sunday she comes in my room and says, "mom, you know whats funny,is the girl on the movie calls the other girl a ROYAL B*#TCH. only she said the real thing. wow that was one of those moments that i was like in shock then started laughing.(i know not the best parenting), but after i laughed i definatly told her that was a naughty word, and we do NOT say that word. so crap, this movie is her favorite movie. i have even watched it 500 times and never noticed the girl calling the other girl a royal you know what!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cheesecake Factory!

this is one of the best things about this job, is meeting new people every summer. there are so many awesome people out here that i am sure we will stay friends with for a long time! we got a bunch of APX peeps together tonight and went to the cheesecake factory to eat. our reservation was for 8:30, and my good friend nikki said that she would stay home with all of the kids until we were ready to be seated. well of course an hour and a half later it was finally out turn. we had a total of like 20 people, so it took forever for them to get us a table ready. we didnt get out of there until almost midnight. thats the latest i have EVER let the girls stay up, and be out. they had a blast though.

this is the boys acting like there italian ganstas. it was FREAKING HILARIOUS. they did it the whole time we were sitting outside waiting to get seated. they all gave each other "ganster" names, except donnie they left is name the same because they said it was already a ganster name, ha ha! they are CRAZY!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

one cute blog

ok i have to do a shout out to this website, its called . i am so dumb that i couldnt even figure out how to change my blog myself and the nice lady that does there blogs did it for me! thank you so much, i love it!!!

shopping with my girls!

so today i told taylor we were going to the outlests, and she told me i hate shopping with you its sooooooo BORING. i told her she will appreciate it so much more when she is older. we went to the outlets in aurora OH. they were so cute all the stores looked like little houses. the girls favorite part was the big pond in the middle with ducks that you could feed. there were machines all around that you could pay 25 cents and get some duck food. i just have to add that Ohio pretty much has the craziest weather EVER. while we were at the mall it was hot and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. i get home and not an hour later we had to go to the grocery store, so we get up to leave, and of course i dont know what the weather is outside because were parked in a parking garage. we pull out and i am not even kidding you its pouring rain, and it looked like a tornado was forming. we had to sit in the parking lot of the giant eagle for 30 min. before i said screw it, i am not waiting any more. i grabbed both the girls one on each hip and booked it into the store. i decided that i am going to have to check the weather EVERY time i leave the house now!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


look at that hair!!!

I just had to put some pictures up of my adorable neice and nephew. breaden is seriously the funniest kid int the world, so sweet, and loving. reecie piecy is ADORABLE that hair, i tell you what she has the orangest hair i have ever seen. i love them and miss them so much. its a good thing we travel in the summer because i probably wouldnt see them to much. we drive through oklahoma city on the way there and back, and i love it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So i did my first spinning class tonight and holy crap. lets just say that i thought i was in pretty good shape, that is a negative. i died through the whole thing. pretty much from the beginning my crotch was killing me. i had to litterally talk myself into staying and that i do not quit. i am going to definatly go back again once my legs are healed though, it was such a good workout!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy fathers day dear! your the greatest dad to my precious little girls. thank you for being you. we love you so much and appreciate eveything you do for us!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!

i just wanted to show some love to my dad. he really is the best dad and friend that i could have possibly hoped for. he was always making us laugh and would always do ANYTHING for all of us. thank you for being such a good example of what a husband and father should be. thank you for being so strong in the church and such a good exapmle to me and my family, we love you so much. my girls love him so much and always get so excited to see him. he is the greatest grandpa also.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


a few days ago we finally got a break in the clouds to go to the pool. the kids love it, and taylor loves to swim like a mermaid. skylar LOVES to be under the water, she trys to stay there the whole time. the child drinks way to much water everytime we are there and has to poop, i know thats gross sorry. i had to go buy her another swimsuit because of the many "accidents" that she has while were at the pool.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cleveland Zoo!

the cleveland zoo rocks. for those of you who really know me you know that i LOVE the zoo. we actually didnt have time to see everything because it rained on us for the first hour. so the picture of taylor freaking out is really a bad picture of me but i had to put it up because its pretty hilarious. she is crying because she is scared to death of a fake alligator. dont worry because she had nightmares all night that night about the stupid thing. i am so mean but thats pretty funny! all in all it was a great day at the zoo!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


ok so i am a total idiot. i cannot even do anything right when it comes to my blog, if it wasnt for my good friend lacey, you still would not be able to read anything on here. thanks a bunch lacey your the best!!!!! miss you guys and cant wait to get back and play rockband with you!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


so i am going to still try and post things even though my page looks wierd. i am so sad because all of my old posts with the pictures are gone. well i will just put up some of the pictures of what we have done since we have been here. things are going good, its really hot and humid. i joined a really nice gym that has a daycare so the girls love it. i love it because i get 2 hours of peace and a good work out! there is also a cool little water park splash pad thing righ by our house that i think we will do. i defiantly think we will use that alot this summer. anything to keep me busy and out of the malls. the shopping here is pretty much amazing, i am going to have real problems!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

oh my gosh!!!

i am having the hardest time ever. all i wanted to do was change my template and it turned into an all day event. i totally screwed up my old one so i had to start over. please bare with me i am trying to fix it!