Brown Family Five

Friday, September 24, 2010

True Religions

I have lost 20 pounds so far. i only need to loose about 5 more pounds and i can fit into my True religion jeans that i bought before i got pregnant with sophie. it really is my one and only motivation for loosing weight, sad i know.
On a different note, donnie left for sacramento today. he is going to Bellas baptism. i think he is doing the confirmation and giving the holy ghost talk, fun for him! he will be back monday so we get a lazy weekend. a friend of mine from mississippi is coming to gulf shores for a soft-ball tourny so she is going to stay with me, should be fun!
hope everyone has a great weekend

Saturday, September 18, 2010

first tragedy at school

Well i guess i wouldnt call it a tragedy but in her little mind im sure it was. you saw in the last post where we went on her field trip. well after we went to the park and ate, i left to take sophie home for a nap. i wasnt home for 5 min. when her teacher called me and said a little girl had accidentally ran in to sky and knocked her over. she landed right on her face and elbow. they said her nose bled really bad for awhile. she came home with dried blood in her nose and a swollen lip. if you lift her lip up its black and blue. poor little girl, she wouldnt even go to gymnastics because she said she didnt look "cute" anymore. do you want to know what the best part about this is? the next day was school pictures, we will for sure be retaking those ones!

Sky's first field trip

The other day skylar had her FIRST field trip as a kindergartner! i had planned on going with her and being a chaperone but it turned out i had no one to take sophie that day for me. it was kinda crazy but im glad i mad the effort to be there for her! we went to a place called sea sand and stars. they had a little aquiarium and star exhibit. they got to touch sting rays, fish, and star fish. sophie LOVED the big ginormous fish!

She looks so cute in her red shirt! her teacher says she is doing really good. alothough she is very quiet she says she is very smart, thats my girl!

New pets

ok i finally caved and let the girls get some hamsters. a good friend of mine has 2 hamsters and they had babies twice in like 3 weeks, so im "helping" her out by taking a couple:) they pretty much are just one more thing for me to look after and clean, but its ok maybe they will die sooner than later(i know thats so mean). skylar named hers cupcake and taylor named hers spike. i gotta admit they are cute little critters though!

Saturday, September 4, 2010




(this ones for you finnestads)
Today i will be lighting all ot my fall candles and checking to see if the BYU-UW game is being played down here on the Alabama gulf coast! SOOOOOO excited for college foot-ball. i will be following a few teams this year, as we have MANY different team fans in our family. here is the list. (in no particular order)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baton Rouge Temple

Last weekend a few sisters from our branch and i drove 4 1/2 hours to the temple in baton rouge, to do a session. it was amazing of course. it pretty much poured down on us the whole way over and the whole way back. of course it wasnt raining right when we walked out so we got to snap a few pictures before the drive home. i cant wait to go again soon!