Brown Family Five

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


the girls and i are in washington and donnie is in baltimore. were having a good time mostley just hanging out and sight seeing. i grew up here so i have been driving around to every house i used to live in, every school i went to, where i use to hang out, and all of my old friends houses. its been alot of fun going down memory lane and showing the girls my old stomping grounds. the girls are LOVING it here. i figured they would get bored and want to go home but they have never said that once. they love grandpa and love his house. even though its cold and rainy i know we would rather be here than in the 100 degree weather right now. i am feeling good, still not as big as i probably should be. everyone keeps making the comment that i dont look pregnant. im not sure if i should take that as a compliment, maybe i was really fat before, ha ha. its kind of nerve racking to be here and not have a dr. to go to, last night i got really freaked out because usually right when i lay down for bed she starts moving a bunch but last night she didnt and i totally siked myself out and almost drove to the E.R. im sure everything is ok, but i hate that fealing.
donnie is doing good, he has started out good so hopefully he can keep the momentum going. he is living righ in the midst of a college town so im not sure how i feel about that ha ha. i am hoping he can hit his goals pretty early and so we can get back to arizona and get settled in a house before this baby comes.