Brown Family Five

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Carnival in Solon

we all decided to go to the town Solon for a little carnival. it was in the exact place where the firworks took place. the carnival had a few rides, and a bunch of booths. i really hate spending money at these things cause its so expensive so we found everything that was free. we even got free popcorn!
this is the girls making cowboy stew or something. it was crushed up oreo, with pudding whip cream, and gummy worms. it was seriously so good. i think i finnished theres off!

i took the kids over to watch the old people square dance, and as you can see they loved it! they kept asking me to go back and look at them.

they had a mini jungle gym in there, that they all did once.

then we did a cowboy picture, also free!

there was a fishing pond there that had real fish in it. you got like 8 min. to catch a fish, and if you caught one you got a prize or something. we ended up having alot of fun and it was all for free. even though it was sooo hot and humid!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have officially been tagged!!

how long have you been married? 7 years and 9 months!!!
how old is your spouse? Turned 31 in april
who eats more? ummmmm that depends on what the food is? i can eat ALOT
who cooks, makes dinner & does laundry? that would definatly be me
who controls the remote? I have my grandma donnie to thank for this, but i do! i have a long line of t.v. boxaholics in my family
who will admit when they are wrong? thats a toughy, i think its probably me, but he would probably say him....
who wears the pants? sad, but this is me also donnie is way to laid back

Four Of Everything
4 places i visit over & over:the gym, the grocery store, the pool, and the mall
4 favorite foods: a really good hamburger, costa vida, smore's, and chips and salsa
4 places i'd rather be: somewhere tropical with my husband, disneyworld with my family, back in arizona our new house, and maybe vegas with a bunch of friends!
4 movies i'd watch over & over: antwone fisher, steele magnolias, beaches, and remember the titans
4 bands/groups i love to listen to: well this is neither a band nor a group but the monstar ballads cd is the best cd ever made, sting, rascall flats, and ok i am gay but i cant think of another one. i have a hard time remembering who sings what?
I am Tagging- lacey, mindee, angela, and nikki

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A glance into the future...

The other day Taylor comes out of her room with this on and says," I AM A BAD GIRL" wow i hope this does not give me a brief look as to what taylor is gonna be like as a teenager. the thing is just a piece of plastic that broke off of her toys, haha and she put it on herslef and said that. it seriously gave me chills, then i had to laugh!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Skylar bustin a move!

This is Skylar busting a move to some highschool musical music! she is really into dancing lately, and as you can see she does not want taylor interrupting her. she seriously crack me up when she gets in these moods. i think she gets her moves from her daddy!

sorry that this one is sideways. i was trying to see wich way was the right way and of course this one wasnt, but it was too funny to leave off!

Cleveland Science Center!!

This week we went to the cleveland science center with a friend that we met at the gym. he has 3 kids(and is married, its not what you think). he had season passes so we ALL got in free! it was so nice of him to invite us, we all had so much fun and the kids got along great! we of course did all of the fun"sciencey things, then went to an imax movie. we saw MUMMIES, it was ok kind of boring but it really doesnt matter what you see in the imax its still really cool! the kids did really good in there, and our friend marc brought all kinds of treats for the kids,(he put me to shame). then we went on the big ship, and got a tour of all of the rooms. that was really cool, except that it started raining on us and was blowing really hard. you had to walk up and down these really narrow stairs, that were REALLY steep, it was freaking me out. that was the first time i had been downtown, and it was pretty nice. you could see the rock and roll hall of fame from the boat. i think donnie and i instead of going to cedar point this weekend are going to go down there and explore!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Disney has done it again!

We went and saw WALL*E last weekend and it was ADORABLE. I went into it thinking how can a movie about a little robot be good, but of course disney has done it again! we loved it, and taylor is already asking me if we can buy it! its a definate must see!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A few weeks ago we watched my good friend nikki's little boys so they could go to the 311 and snoop dog concert, and we decided to take them to the park. they did really good, and i got to see what it would feel like if i had 4 kids under 6, wow scarey! they are gonna watch our girls soon so donnie and i can go to cedar point, I CANT WAIT! we went last year and it was soooo much fun. i even saw clay aiken there, my first celebrity spotting( i know not really something to be proud of)!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

5 reasons why


1. My family
my mom is living in my house right now and i am not even there, that sucks.
my cousins that live there they are the best and i love hanging out with them!!
2. Food
i know that sounds kind of wierd, because there is food here....but i seriously miss Costa Vida, In an Out burgers, Tia Rosa's, and Cafe Rio. oh man what i would do right now for a fish taco!
3. My friends
i miss my girls nights out, and nights at sonic, playing rock band with the sanchez family!!!
4.being in my house
this is probably dumb, but being able to walk groceries into my house,(what most people take for granted). i have to put my 50 bags of groceries in 2 different red wagon flyers and pull them with my 2 children through a hot parking garage, into an elevator and up 6 floors.
being able to do my yard work
having nice neighbors,(the people here are pretty snooty)
5. having a schedule
i cant wait to get taylor back in school and be back on a schedule again. its been nice being out here and sleeping in everyday, but i really like schedules!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Taylors Mermaid Birthday Extravaganza!!

so lets start out by saying that its the night of the party and i am so tired i cant even see straight, my house is A DISASTER, and i am choosing to blog about this. the day was seriously PERFECT! i could not have asked for a better time, and taylor told me at dinner that this was the best day of her life, wow i did good!!i stayed up untill 2 a.m. finishing her decorations with my friend nikki. I had the two sweetest girls in the world volanteer to make taylors cake, which by the way turned out ADORABLE. they were so nice to do that. they brought it over late that night and stayed to help out for a little while. i seriously dont know what i would have done without them. when taylor woke up that morning she seriously freaked out! she was sooooo excited! we had some friends over for cake and some games, and of course presents. we made some mermaid juice and everyone loved it. there was also a treasure hunt where they kids got treasure chest full of treats at the end. after all the guys left for work we all went to the splash pad for like 4 hours. then of course we were starving so the girls and i went to olive garden to have her b-day dinner(minus donnie). all in all it was such a good day. like i said taylor had such a good day! i cant believe she is 6. when i went in to give her one last birthday kiss and say goodnight i got teary eyed of course. she is my baby, well not any more. she is such a beautiful sweet girl, who helps out all the time. we are so blessed to have her in our lives!

what a nice helper! the decorations that took me 4 days to make.(with some help from friends, love you guys)!!

taylor and her cake!

opening up presents. she got SO many good things. polly pockets, littelest petshops, jewlery from maw maw, dress up from grandma, a mermaid movie from mom and dad, and so much more!

jordan and heather holding easton

the kids standing in front of the backdrop

the pretty girls in there suits waiting for the party to start!

us with taylor

making the mermaid juice. that is blue coolaid with green coolaid ice cubes!

they were so excited for there party favors. pinnaple drinks with candy inside!

the start of the treasure hunt. i wont post every clue, ha ha

on to the next clue!

yay! they found the treasure in the oven!

they found there TREASURE!!!

all of the party goers! skylar,taylor,easton,cashe,and ryder!

daddy, tay, parker and brittney

skylars new love, Cashe. she seriously is so cute with him!

brit, anna,easton and taylor. they are so cute we love them!!!

All of the girls at the splash pad...nikki, anna,brit, and beth

this is taylor with her mermaid costume on from brittney and anna!

Monday, July 14, 2008

SO not artistic

well its 11:30 at night and i am getting a little stressed. Taylors birthday is thursday and i have made it my mission to make it a very big and special day for her. she pretty much got jipped last year because we were in detroit for the summer and she wasnt around all of her friends and cousins. so course were not home once again, so i vowed to make it as huge as i could. well she is very much OBSESSED with mermaids so she of course wants that to be her theme. you would think with all of the cute mermaid shows on t.v. for little girls there would be mermaid "themed" things in the stores, well there is not. so i decided to make a huge picture with crete paper on my wall of an ocean, a beach and a mermaid. what i have discovered is that i am SOOOOO not artistic. it took me 2 hours to make some waves and half of the mermaids body which by the way her hand looks "special". donnie told me to maker her hold a beach-ball or something to hide the hand. hopefully it will all come together as i have invisioned it in my head. i only have 2 more nights left to work on it. if any of anyone out there has any ideas that could help i would greatly appreciate it. oh, and by the way pictures will be up later for your ammusment....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Sunday we went to the lake and went boating with some friends seriously ALL day, i think we were out there for like 7 hours. It was so much fun. i havent done that in a really long time. they have a really nice boat and a new thing called skurfing. its when you litteraly surf right behind the boat. your feet are not strapped into anything, its crazy but really fun. they of course made me try it and i couldnt get up, but then after a few hours they made me try it again and i GOT UP! only for a few seconds but it was really fun while it lasted. Of course donnie got up right away and was really good at it! They also wakeboarded which i want to try next time. billy is friggen awesome on that thing, like wears a helmet and everything. even nikki did it, she make it look easy. Every now and again we would stop and let the kids jump in and swim. they had so much fun! i cant wait to go again!