Brown Family Five

Friday, December 31, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

silly girls

sophie is in this stocking:)

this is skylar at her best.


no it did not snow down here in southern alabama. my mom sent some fake snow which turned out to be sooo much fun! you poor water on this powder stuff and it puffs up into snow! its even cold like snow. it looks real doesnt it!

merry christmas!!

This first picture is of christmas eve. looks nice right? well you will never know the drama behind trying to get this picture taken. i would love to say that we had a wonderful family filled evening of baking cookies singing carols and all getting along, but thats just not the case. i think i had too high of expectations of how christmas eve should go. i have wonderful memories of christmas's as a kid where we had a program and all of us had a part. granted we were all in junior high when we participated but i was trying to make the night amazing and that just didnt happend. oh well maybe next year.

The girls had a great christmas where im pretty sure they got everything they wanted. scooters, squinkies, clothes, taylor got a camera, skylar got games, ds games, a million movies and more. donnie was very good to me this year, i got a camera, a new cell phone, a month at the spa, and eclpise. we got him a bunch of art stuff, cologne and some other small things. all and all it was a nice morning and a greats few days off, other than sophie being ill for 3 days. i think she is finally feeling better though!

Grandpa jim got the girls dance dance revolution, SO much fun!! we have played it for hours. even sophie likes to get on it and dance! its a great workout too!

my mom got the girls these adorabloe skirts, that skylar has worn everyday now! i need to get a better picture of them in the skirts with my new camera!
sophie and her new weebles wobble tree house!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

oh boy

wow we are going on week 5 of being sick. a few weeks ago we all had really bad colds, ear infections and sinus infections. that lasted about 2 weeks. we finally got over that and had about a week of feeling good when the stomach virus entered. its gone through all of the kids. THANKFULLY donnie and i havent gotten it. skylar had to miss her christmas party at school because of it. im soooooo dang sick of this. we have about 3 days to get everyone better before christmas gets here. its a good thing im phsycho about being prepared and i had all ot my shopping and wrapping done weeks ago because i would be out of luck. i am so excited for christmas, the girls are getting some really fun stuff this year! we are having a quiet little christmas with just us and the kids this year. its always great to be around family and friends of course, but im really excited to just be with my little family for the day! i hope you all have a wonderful and safe day!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

holiday festivities

This is taylor at her schools christmas musical performance. they sang jingle bell boogy which was adorable, but its too bad we could only see the top of taylors head the whole time. just a side note. taylor came home from school that day and said her friend came up to her and asked her if she would"go out" with this boy in her class. i literally screamed out loud when she told me that. i am NOT ready for this at all!!!!!!
i had to throw in this picture of the little tree monster sophie. she is ruining everything!!

i had to put all of the ornamants up high so she couldnt reach them, and now we really have a charlie brown tree.

our stuff is still in Arizona (including christmas decor) so we are still making due with what we have. i bought some garland this year and we went and collected pine cones around the parking lot. we sprayed them with some glitter spray. didnt it turn out pretty! i was very proud of myself!

On sunday we didnt go to church(big mistake) because i had to work and so did donnie (well donnie went because he had early morning meetings), so me and the girls stayed home and cleaned all morning, i know im a sinner. well sophie grabbed the mop and was walking around with it. she knocked over the very heavy stocking holder thing on top of her head. lets just say blood everywhere. i thought for sure we were going to have to get stiches, but it was just a puncture wound. it scared the crap out of all of us. Skylar came up to me a few minutes after it happend and said,"lets forget that that EVER happend" ha ha ha i love her!!!