Brown Family Five

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

more holiday fun!

The girls bounce house, they love it!

Uncle chris and sky, out shopping the day after christmas. remind me to never do that again.

we were in playing a game and reece came out of my room looking like this. she apparantly got a hold of my mascara. i was laughing so hard i couldnt breath! were gonna put her and sky in a padded room together!

the girls at papa murpheys!

we took the kids to make mini pizzas. they loved it!

Monday, December 29, 2008


well christmas is over and its back to the real world. this year was our familys turn to all get together. we really had alot of fun being together. angela and ross drove over from oklahoma city,chris flew in from provo, and my grandma donnie flew in from amarillo tx. christmas eve we had a little program, where we read the christmas story sang christmas songs, had treats, and of course read the story from the bible. we each had out own little parts. you could definatly feel the spirit there while we all sat together and learned of his birth. what a wonderful experience to be able to have all of my family there with my little family learning what the real and true meaning of christmas is. we then put the kids to bed and stayed up until 1 a.m. wrapping presents. the kids got up about 7 i think, i could here taylor sqwirming around for about an hour ready to get up. my mom and dad came over with jess and chris, they had A TON of presents with them! it was a great morining i think everyone got what the wanted and a little more. the girls got a bounce house for the back yard, plus dolls, a scooter, movies, barbie laptops, v-star video game, and much much more. i got an ipod YAY! i got donnie some cologne, and my parents got us gift certificates to red robyn, oakley sunglasses, titeliest sweatshirts, and some other goodies. after we got done opening presents we just played with some of them and started cooking. we had a wonderful meal, that consisted of ham, country company potatoes, papa murphey rolls(the best ever!), green bean casserole,fruit salad,and the roberts tradition sprite with cranberry juice, YUM! i hope everyone had as good of a day as we did, merry christmas and happy new year!

Friday, December 19, 2008

ugly christmas sweater/ mustache party

we were invited by some friends of ours to an ugly christmas sweater party and the guys had to sport sick mustaches. donnies been growing his out for 3 weeks now. he couldnt wait to get home and shave it off. it was alot of fun, we met a bunch of new people! we did a white elephant exchange, and played the what if game(seriously funniest game ever)! everyone brought food, so there was alot of different things there, which were really good! i brought pizza of course!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

santa arrives in a helicopter

The other day we went down to this boutique's little christmas party. its in the same parking lot as papa murphey's, and infact my mom sampled pizza there. they had santa fly in on a helicopter which was so cool. it was really cold and rainy that day and santa was walking over to the kids with his bag of presents and slipt and fell on his head. it was pretty sad(and funny). they had a big sleigh for him to sit on and take pictures with the kids. he actually gave out presents instead of candy canes. they had a bunch of little tables with people advertising there buisness. starbucks was there with some free hot chocolate. it was alot of fun, and the 3rd time we have seen santa this season. we still havent gone to the mall to get pictures done, that will hopefully be the last time, ha ha!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

walker butte polar fest

yesterday was polar fest at taylors school. they had real snow, a petting zoo, a big super slide, pony rides, and a bunch of booths. Donnie actually sold the balsamic vinegar at one of the booths, so we went and visited him every now and again. it was really fun other than the fact that it was blowing so friggen hard that i probably swallowed a pound of dirt. Donnies tent was seriously about to blow ever, his bread for the sampeling blew over like 3 times, and the temp. was really starting to drop. the event was supposed to go until 5 and everyone starting packing things up at like 2, it was horrible. i spent 16 dollars on wristbands so the girls could do everything, so i was determined to do everything. my mom, dad and sister jess also got to go with us this time. its great having them here, i love it!

ward christmas party

This years ward christmas party was very fun and low key. it was nice not to have to worry about bringing food or anything. I signed up to bring cookies and milk, very easy. Santa came and read the christmas orange story and all of the kids got an orange. we also got a family home evening packet about keeping christ in chrismas. its so nice to be able to go to the ward parties and feel a part of a family! skylar asked santa for a barbie princess and taylor asked santa for a hammer,nails,paint,and wood.(she wants to build a tree house.) tomarrow we will be continuing our family tradition and will be taking them to get there pictures taken with santa.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

decorating the tree and girls night!

Donnie actually put lights up this year. i think thats the first time in the 8 years we have been married that he has done it....sad

I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! as im sure most of you all do. even though there are so many stresses that come along with this time of year, i just cant seem to let them bother me, and im just happy when its cold, and i see the lights and hear the music. the girls got to decorate the tree,(well a little bit). we have a charlie brown tree, and donnie never lets me get a new one. it turned out pretty cute this year though. Also the other night we got together to do a girls night with my mom, cousins, aunt and my grandma. we went to kona grill for some sushi and talked for like 2 hours in the resturaunt. then we went and shopped at the santan mall. i got some really yummy hot chocolate from a place called leonidas. the mall is having some really good deals right now, especially at bath and body, there is a ton of stuff there right now for like 3 dollars. we had so much fun, and its so awesome to be able to do that with family. jessica was missing and a couple of my other cousins, but hopefully they can come next time!

Friday, December 5, 2008


my friend lacey has this antique red velvet couch, so we put it in the back of the van and was going to take it down to this pecan orchard housing development, but the man that owns it closed it up and put signs all over the place that said no photagraphy. we had to hurry and find a new spot. this field was right up the road from it so we just all parked on the side of the road and jumped the ditch. im not sure what this is, it looks like wheat or barley. anyways they turned out really cute! were using one of them for our christmas card, but another friend of ours made the card black and white and the couch red! they are so fun!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It just so happend that we decided to go to the temple lights on the opening night. it was kinda a last minute decision, because donnies sister and her family decided to stay an extra day. it was really neat to be there when they first turn the lights on, i have never experienced that before. they had musical numbers, and a speaker. also brooke from the last american idol was there. she was the one who turned the lights on, so it was pretty cool seeing her. of course they had the people picketting outside of the temple grounds. they must have got pretty bored because we were only there for like 30 min, and then they were gone.