Brown Family Five

Monday, February 23, 2009

ME and the kids

so here i am at 13 weeks, do i not look like im like 5 months pregnant. im starting to feel ALOT better! i will go back to the dr. on march 11th, so i cant wait for that! things have been crazy around here. donnie found out he is going to Baltimore MD, for the summer which pretty much gives me extreme anxiety. that is soooooo far away, and i cant just get in the car and drive there like the past 2 summers. of course im not going out there for the whole summer this time, probably just for the 6 weeks that taylor is out of school. i will be huge and pregnant, but im sure it will but a fun time! also we have decided to go to alabama and mississippi for spring break! i am SOOOO excited! we always love to go visit his family, but even more i get to eat the best seafood ever for 2 weeks straight! lets see, i am one of the new volley-ball coaches for the young woman, im also very excited about that! i love volley-ball, although im pregnant i might have some challenges ha ha!

the girls are doing good. taylor is now starting to come home and tell us the boys that "like" her and are putting there arms around there. i will be going to school and beating those boys. i am so not ready for that. her adorable teacher is about to have a baby and wont be coming back after spring break so i know she is going to be devestated about that. skylar is just the same, she spends her days watching sponge bob and playing with her only friend biscuit. they are both cracking me up these days with the crazy things they say, especially taylor, she says some hilarious things!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

valentines day

i wasnt really going to blog about this but i am starting to feel guilty. the day was actually really nice, we pretty much laid in bed all day, than decided to go get a late lunch with the girls. we went to chipotle(not my favorite place but decided to be nice i let donnie eat there). i woke up that morning to a spottless house and about 80 pounds of suger waiting for me. he bought suger cookies, cupcakes, choc covered pretzals, choc covered marshmellows, a bag of chocolates, and a heart shaped box of choclates. there was also a nice card that said you cant eat flowers. ha ha he obviously knows where my head is these days! i just have to give a shout out to him, because he has been AMAZING for the last 2 months. i mean i have not felt like doing anything and he totally stepped up and has been a huge help. i really dont know what i would have done without him. i think i will probably have a nervous breakdown when he has to leave for the summer. LOVE YOU!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


well, i think i finally went private, it took me forever to finally do it, but now its done. hopefully i did it right, i really suck at these things.
next, i am officially 11 weeks. i had my first doctors app. on wed. we got to hear the babies heartbeat, so that was exciting! i am still feeling really crappy and am throwing up every other day. im sooooo sick of being sick i cannot even tell you. the girls are getting really excited. taylor tells me every day, "IM SO EXCITED TO SEE THE BABY I CANT WAIT". we have a long way to go. i am already starting to gain weight, which sucks. other thatn that things are fine. i have been busy with work and scouts, and of course the other million things that are going on.