Brown Family Five

Monday, April 26, 2010

sophie is 8 months

my one word to describe this one these days is spastic. she is a bundle of energy, crawling and pulling up all over the place. she pretty much looks like she got beat up in a bar. we love her to death though. she is a fat chunky baby!!

SKY IS 5!!

My little baby is 5 i cant believe it! for her birthday we did a little party at donnies grandparents where she got a littliest pet shop cake. after we got home i took her to build a bear! that was her first time and she had so much fun! she is such a sweet girl and im going to miss her so much when she is in school all day. here is 5 things about skylar that you should know:
1. she plays by herself really well
2. she loves candy more than life itself
3. she is the first to tell you you look pretty, she likes your outfit, and she loves you
4. she wants to be an animal dr. when she grows up
5. she is starting gymnastics in a month!


this is my first of many many many beach posts. please dont get annoyed because i get to go here all summer:) you may come and visit me amytime you want!

Blessed easter

once again i love this time of year. i love the meaning of easter, i love the warm weather, i love being with my family and most of all i love candy. i am so glad the easter bunny puts candy i love in there basket. it was a very busy weekend, infact i feel like easter went on for about 2 weeks. of course my pictures are not in order so i will explain accordingly. this here is our last easter egg hunt at donnie's grandparents house on easter morning. they pretty much have the best yard for hiding eggs. the girls had to find about 50 eggs, i think a few went missing, oh well.

This one above is still at his grandparents house easter morning. they really loved the easter baskets. this year donnie and i did most of our shopping at the cracker barrel, which was so fun. they have the old country store and it has all of the old school toys and candy when i was a kid.

dying eggs for i think the 2nd of the third time dying. we did it alot this year, but they of course loved every minute of it!

This here picture is of the church easter party the week before. as you can see my children are not loving this easter bunny. it is kind of freaky looking. i absolutly love this picture.

Here is my little sophie bean. she looks so pretty in this picture.

here are the girls frosting cupcakes at the church party. they got to make crafts for an old folks home and hunt for eggs.