Brown Family Five

Thursday, April 23, 2009

heading to washington

while donnie goes to baltimore to sell, i will be heading to washington to stay with my dad for a few months. we are packing up our stuff and putting it in storage until july then coming back and finding a place before i have the baby. taylor starts school at the end of july so i will most definatly be back before then. its been SOOOO stressful trying to decide what the best scenerio would be for us, and im not sure this is 100% the best decision, but its a decision, which is more than i can say we had a week ago. i will be very excited to be out of the heat for a few months, to catch up with old friends, my 10 year reunion will be going on while im there also. i will of course miss my friends here, my ward family, and most of all my family, but its only for a few months which is sooo much better than the last few years where i have been gone for like 5 months! ok well there is my update!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


here i am at 21 weeks. i am still feeling pretty good, although today was the warmest day yet and i was feeling very hot and miserable. this summer i am going to die, i can tell already. she is moving around a ton, i love to feel that! thats all for now

Thursday, April 16, 2009

DONNIE turns 32

For donnies birthday we went to see the movie monsters vs aliens, and went to eat sushi. we also went to get icecream at neilsons custards, which was soooooo good. he turned 32 this year but doesnt act a day over 21. i love that he is still so entergetic and full of life. he can never sit still and is always wanting to do fun stuff. i love him so much and will miss him dearly when he is gone all summer. love you babe, happy birthday!!


I lOVE EASTER TIME!!! i love the spirit that you feel at church and to be able to learn about christ. i love getting to spend time with my family dying easter eggs, and filling there baskets. we got to go to the easter pageant at the temple this year and it was seriously amazing! we had pretty crappy seats, but it was still so powerful! sunday we got up and went to church, and came home and we straight to my uncles house for easter dinner. he is seriously the best cook i know. we didnt have a traditional easter dinner, he made italian food and orderves(i dont know how to spell that), it was amazing food!the girls had fun with the things they got in there easter basket, and i of course enjoyed eating there candy. it was seriously an awesome weekend! oh ya, i forgot every year i take the girls to see the easter bunny, this year it was free at walmart, so we did that saturday.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

skylar is 4!!

skylar LOVES spongebob so of course she picked this for her b-day. i pretty much think its the most annoying show ever, but i had to do it for her. it turned out really fun, and she of course had the best day. we love her so much she is becoming quite a hoot. along with alot of attitude! i cant believe she is 4, it makes me sad to think she is really not a baby anymore. her and taylor are going to be great big sisters!