Brown Family Five

Friday, July 30, 2010

Baptism day

Well its official im finally old enough to have an 8 year old child. i really cant believe it. Taylor is really the sweetest, smartest, kindest, most helpful child ever! we love her so much and are so proud of her decision to be baptised. that day was honestly the most amazingly spritual day i have had in a REALLY long time. my whole entire family flew in from all parts of the country, and donnies parents, aunt marilyn and his granny was there. we also had our reeally good friends the voisins come over from LA. i felt so so supported and loved to have all of those people there for taylor. My dad prepared the most wonderful talk for her and instantly invited the sprit into the room. there was not a dry eye in the place. he gave her 2 different books on being baptized and the holy ghost. then he also gave her a snuggie, which was an example of feeling the warmth of the spriit, and it also got a good laugh! My sisters angela and jessica sang taylors favorite song he sent his son, and let me tell you they sounded AMAZING! it was so funny because taylor heard them practicing and just had the biggest smile on her face. i think she was really impressed! Donnie did the baptism and the conformation, and did extremley well. he is such a proud dad. other than reecie burping during the conformation there were no flaws whatsoever. i was such a big baby that day, i really couldnt keep it together, thats why i planned the program with me out if it:) After the baptism, all of the family met at ryans (tays fav place to eat) it was great to have both sides of the family there to catch up with eachother! Taylor came up to me while we were there and said,"mommy when daddies hands were on my head i felt like crying" i asked her if she knew why, and she said no. so i told her that is was the spirit that she felt, and she gave me a huge hug. what amazing day for her that she will never forget!

My bestie Lacey made this headband for her, it turned out ADORABLE and it matched her dress perfectly.

All of the family that attended!

Pioneer day!

Our branch goes all out for pretty much every holiday so i wasnt surprised when we go there and they had pioneer clothes all ready for us! we had a wonderful skit, an amazing dutch oven meal, and a bunch of fun crafts for the kids to do! hopefully the video will work. this is a mand in our branch who always sings and plays the guitar. he reminds me of bb king:)

The last day of my company:(

The last day i wanted to take my mom and chris to a little town called fairhope. its on the mobile bay, and is pretty much adorable. there is a ton of beautiful big homes right on the water. the town itself is amazing and green, with a ton of cute little shops! it was a very hot sticky day but we still had alot of fun!

Fun with the cousins!

This summer Donnies sister came down for a few weeks from sacramento. she has 3 little girls also so the kid had soooo much fun hanging with them! we did sleepovers, swimming, the track, and many playdates!

Visit from our besties!!!

About a month ago our friends from Houma Louisiana came over to stay with us for a few days. Donnie grew up with Greg, they have known each other FOREVER. i love his wife, we get along great! we are both from out west and married southern boys so whenever we get together there is alot to talk about ha ha! plus her name is Jen so of course we clicked.
we went to the hangout, which really is the funnest place ever. they have a big bubble foam machine that the kids love! this is scottie and taylor. what a playa, HA HA HA!
The balloon man is a hoot! he is there everytime we go!

Peter pan catching tinkerbell

The beautiful view from the restaurant.

The whole crew!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


we have a bouncy house place, yaaaay!! everybody else's kids have been to these bounce house places a million times, but this is the first time that my kids have ever been. i know my kids are so deprived! we have so much fun when we go!

The little zoo that could

We went to the zoo a few months agp so this is kind of late, but everyone that knows me,know i LOVE the zoo. this is a super cute little zoo. its actually been recognized on animal planet. its a really small intimate zoo, that is very interactive. they give you food for the animals right when you walk in. you can feed goats,pigs, dears, and a ton of other stuff. I WANT TO GO BACK!!

Taylor turns 8!

For taylor's b-day this year she was lucky to have her 3 little cousins out from california. she has never really had a "friend"party because we have been traveling the last 3 years in the summertime so this was really a treat for her. we went to this place called bath junkie that is in the outlet mall here.

They got to have hand massages from the cute girl that worked there, and this was one of the last activities, by this time they were wanting to stay the night there!
she was soooooo excited to get a ds from her maw maw, paw paw and her and nickie and uncle thomas. she has wanted one for awhile now!

of course she picked out a big cookie cake and some capri suns, very low maintanance, which is great for me!

the first thing they had to do there was pick out a fragerance for there bath crystals and body scrub. there were a ton to choose from and many fun combinations. once they picked out there favorite one they wrote it down and the lady that worked there took it over and started mixing it for them.

then she put the scent they chose and the bath crystals in a mixing bowl for each of them. they got to choose a color and mix it all together. she then put it in a container for them to take home. they did the same thing with the body scrub and i think they even got a glitter spray to take home!

this is all of them with there cute baggies to take home! such a fun idea for little girls, we all had a blast!

sophie of course looked adorable, so we put her in the loofa bath. everyone walking by was looking at her.

my sister in law nickie and her adorable girls, bella who is 8 almost 9, kaia who is 7, and lily who just turned 4!