Brown Family Five

Monday, January 17, 2011

updates and things

So first and formost i had posted awhile ago about loosing my baby weight. so far since May i have lost about 35 pounds. i know this may sound vein but i want to loose about 10 more. i have this crazy thing( im sure you all have never heard of it) but its called love handles and belly fat. i just ordered a pair of spanx to fix that right up.

This is sophie with her baby that she got for christmas. she loves to hold her and take care of her. she is very sweet and soft with her, thats a good sign right? well just in the last few weeks when im busy and she is trying to get my attention she pinches or bites my leg, i hope that habbit ends soon.

The other day while i was at work a good friend of mine was watching soph while i had to work and she fell asleep on the floor playing with a paper bag. she has NEVER done that with me. i asked her if she doped her up ha ha


Taylor is such a good big sister, she loves giving sophie piggyback rides.
GREAT NEWS: my mom just bought her ticket to come down here in feb. i cant wait!!!!
also my dad is getting me and the girls airline tickets to seattle for part of the summer, super exciting!!