Brown Family Five

Thursday, June 25, 2009

i am alive

i guess you could say that....its been pretty much the most stressfull summer yet. donnie officially does not work for apx anymore, and has gone down to alabama to look for work. well he got a job there and it looks like i will be heading down there after the baby is born for a little while. he keeps promising me we will be back in arizona before i know it...we will see. i am leaving washington in about 2 weeks to drive back to arizona to have the baby. this sunday i will be 30 weeks. i wish i could put some pictures up! maybe once i get back to arizona.
i am feeling good, and the baby is moving around a bunch! i have gained about 17 punds so far, definatly the smallest i have ever been in a pregnancy. its probably a blessing in disguise because i am a single parent for now. i couldnt imaging being huge and having to take care of my girls. we have loved being up here out of the heat, but are ready to finnish the next chapter!