Brown Family Five

Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!!

What a fun filled LONG 3 day long halloween extrvaganza!! it started out friday night with the church trunk or treat. they had great food, fun games and lots of scary trunks! there was a ton of people that showed up,(i wish all of those people showed up to church on sundays:) the kids had alot of fun! then sat. night our apartments trick or treated. i wasnt going to do it but we had a ton of candy left over so the girls threw there costumes on and went around again. then of course tonight was officially halloween! we had some good friends, and the missionaries over for sweet pork tacos and pumpkin bars. after we ate we went down the the "it" neighborhood. wow i thought arizona went all out. this place was CRAZY. i know i exaggerate alot but there was seriously millions of people there. they had the streets barracaded off, the houses were decorated like haunted houses and the kids were loving it. skylar of course pooped out after about an hour and sophie was running around like a crazy girl. everyone loved her costume! we have WAY too much candy. Who should i donate it too?!?!

The girls were "rocker girls" donnie airbrushed both of there shirts and they turned out so cute! the front said girls rule and the back said boys drool! this is them with our favorite babysitter/piano teacher amy, we love her!!

donnie was edward

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sophie and her shenanigans

at the beach in october

Donnie caught this thing with the spear. i cant remember what its called but it they said if you touch it, it would shock you. this is donnies home aways from home. i dont think he feels more comfortable anywhere else than in the ocean.

Sophie was LOVEING the beach this day. she ran around for hours playing and running into the water. she loved putting donnies goggles on ha ha!!

aunt jessy playing with sophie on the beach! it was so much fun having her here!

A funny story

So in july my whole family came to alabama for taylors baptism. before they came my friend holly and i were talking about our siblings (jess and zach) who were both 25 and single, we had this idea to set them up on a blind date while jess was here. well holly called me a few days before jess left and said that zach wanted to take jess out. i think she didnt really want to go at first because she was only here for a few day, but decided what did she have to loose. well they went out and and a great time. they have been talking ever since (pretty much every day) and she just came down here a few weeks ago to see him again. they have really hit it off. We are all stunned and freaking aout a little bit! its exciting and a little crazy at the same time! we are all rooting for them, although being so far apart has been hard for them. i will keep you all updated.
they are totally a cute couple!

Monday, October 18, 2010


donnie got free tickets to bon jovi. they have been having concerts on the beach to bring revenue to the coast because of the oil spill. it was sooo much fun, and i dont usually do concerts they scare me ha ha! he really did put on a good show, and his songs have been in my head for a week now.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


yesterday was my 30th birthday. to be honest it was a pretty somber day. i hate feeling sorry for myself but man i feel old. i feel so blessed to have these little critters. today i am so glad to have a day to myself, watch conference in my sweats, make my lemon birthday cake, and not cook dinner. thank you to all of you who wished me a happy b-day, i love you all very much!

ok seriously she is beautiful. i mean all of my girls are of course, but just look at those eyes.