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Friday, May 20, 2011

boiling crawfish for easter?

Im sure your all wondering the same thing i was 10 years ago..seriously who boils crawfish for easter. well let me tell you, pretty much everyone in the south. i have grown to LOVE and cherish this pastime that people have been doing for decades. i mostly wanted to publish this post for my good friend Jane johnson who is a westerner by birth but is now a proud alabamian. she has never experienced the true "crawfish boil" so im going to layout step by step for her what you would need to have a successful boil.
1st- you need about 2 sacks of LIVE crawfish. you bring this to your home and poor them in a bucket or a cooler full of water and salt. this starts the purging process(ya know, to get out all of the poo).
2nd you need a bunch of rednecks(i say that in a very loving way, see my husband on the right?) standing arond a pickup truck drinking beer, smoking ciggs, and shootin the s@*t as i like to call it. of course donnie isnt involved in that :)

3rd you need lots of good family and friendly conversation. this picture below is donnies grandma and grandpa (nanny and papa). they are the greatest, i love hearing his grandpas old stories over and over again.

4th after boiling the crafish for about 10 min. then letting them soak in the water for about 20 with the seasonings, potatoes,corn on the cob,sausage,onions,garlic,and mushrooms you proceed to dump it on a big picnic table where everyone stands around and eats it together.

5th this is me in heaven. your mouth starts burning and your nose starts running from the spices. of course its messy and somewhat barbaric but boy is it worth it! i love it. if you are ever in the deep south you really need to experiance one.

just a little tidbit. your supposed to peel them kind of like a shrimp, then you suck the heads(thats where all of the juices are). donnie does that, i dont.