Brown Family Five

Sunday, January 25, 2009

great news!

so im not sure if everyone has heard yet, but i am PREGNANT! im about 9 weeks, and due in august. donnie and i have pretty much been trying for about a year and a half, so were really excited about the news! its always nerve racking the first 3 months because i have had a couple miscarraiges, but i have been really sick this time around so im feeling pretty good about it. i guess there could still be a chance of it, but im trying to be optimistic. anyways, just wanted to let everyone know. also im still going private, im gonna give it a few more days to let people leave me there email addresses. sorry ang, i know its kind of annoying but i just need to do it:)

Monday, January 19, 2009

going private

i have decided to go private. i have talked to some people about it and feel like its just the best. so just give me your address, and let me know if you want to view my blog still. thanks a bunch hope everyone has a great day~

Friday, January 9, 2009

family photo

i have the best family ever!


ok i just got the pictures from my dads camera and i had to put this one up. the other one i put up is nothing compared to this one! you can she she tried to eat it also ha ha ha!!! i love her!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my favorite place

so as you can see san tan flats is our new favorite place! we went there AGAIN when my family was here for christmas. we had so much fun, even though is was wet and freezing. my grandma was here from amarillo tx, and she loves to dance, so donnie asked her to dance to amarillo by morning. it pretty much made her day! we all danced untill like 10:30(thats late for me), the band was pretty ,much adorable!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

not so happy new year

so while everyone one else was celebrating today i was trying to refrain from beating my children. as i am typing this taylor is yelling at my and i am ignoring her. i have never been so mad at them in my whole life. taylor has been really not listening lately but this takes the cake. so donnie and i are in the house taking down the christmas decorations, and the girls are outside with a friend playing. they all walk up to the window covered in what looks like mud. i first freak out because the day before they got in trouble for playing in the mud, so im like are you seriously kidding me. then i get a little closer and realize that its not mud that is all over them including there hair and clothes, but is oil from the car. donnie had left a bag closed up in a bucket from when he changed the oil,(its been out there since before thanksgiving) i didnt want to freak out to much because i didnt want to scare her little friend, infact its a good thing she was here or child services would have had to been called. they were on the side of the house and poored it into the red flyer wagon, then proceeded to beat it with a base-ball bat so it splattered all over the side of the house and of course them. i had to throw all of there clothes away, and donnie scrubbed the side of the house with a brush for 3 hours. all i can say is that, if this is how the year is going to be, put me in my padded room right now.