Brown Family Five

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

what am i thankful for

To be able to support my girls at there school parties!!! i love being able to go to every holiday party there is. this is taylors party. they had a charlie brown thanksgiving party which was a very cute idea. they watched the movie and got to eat, buttered toast,jelly beans, popcorn and pretzles. taylor LOVED showing off sophie, she was the hit of the party! Aunt marilyn was in town all week and came to both the parties! we love her and appreciate everything she does for us!

This is skylars party. she made a placemat that says skylar is thankful for mom. it almost made me cry when i saw it. im sure all of the kids said there mom, but it definatly made me feel loved! they had a HUGE feast for there party. we came and helped hand out food, taped down the placemats, and refilled cups.

they made the cutest little indian shirts and hats, and then they played duck duck goose, but called it indian indian pilgrim.
isnt she the prettiest little indian ever! a mom that was there helping came up to me and told me she has twin boys, one is in sky's class and one is in another class. she said they come home everyday and tell her how pretty skylar is. they say, sometimes she has a one braid and sometimes she has 2 braids, she is just so pretty all the time! the mother thought is was so sweet they they noticed the details of her hair, ha ha!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa List

Last night we had a meal together at the kitchen table. i am sad to say that this has not happend in a really long time. with donnie and i both working, both of us having 2 callings, the girls in piano, and the many million other things going on it tends to not happend ever! it was wonderful to catch up with everyone and here the funny things going on with the girls at school. Skylar has her picture retakes this week(those of you that dont remember she had a fat lip and nose from a bad fall at school the day before her pictures last month). then of course next week is thanksgiving! After dinner the girls wrote there letters to santa, which consisted of camers, squeakies,clothes,ds games, and Taylor asked for a robe(because she has never owned one before) this year is going to be a christmas with just us, and as much as the thought of that makes me really sad that we wont have any family over, i love having those christmas's every now and again. I love my family so much and would want nothing more than to just spend that day with them.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The evolution of 10 years

November 3rd was our anniversary of 10 years! i said this all day yesterday that i really cant believe it! it has been a crazy, amazing, sometimes scary and most of all a wonderful ride so far, and i cant wait to spend the rest of eternity with him. he is a wonderful sweet soul, that never fails to amaze me each day. im so greatful that after 10 years he is still attracted to me:) still loves me, and still thinks im the one for him!
This is when we were dating in provo utah. its the only old picture i could find of us, because the rest of them are in storage.