Brown Family Five

Sunday, March 28, 2010


kids and babies

It was really hard and very nice at the same time to not have my girls there.:) i loved being able to spend time with braeden and reece! they are both adorable and a handful, i love there personalities!

Sophie and owen are about 4 months apart! they did very good while we were there!

Angela gets so mad when i fro reece's hair out, ha ha! how can you not though, she is a little fiery redhead, but we love her and wouldnt want her any other way!

This was in superstition mall. its a hurricane simulater and of course they both wanted to try it out! reece liked it at first then was really scared. the problem was you couldnt open the door until it was done so we were trying to console her through the glass.

arizona trip

of course its not a complete trip without going to grandma and grandpa taylors trailor at greenfield village. this is pretty much a must do! we love going to see them and spend time with them. my grandma is the sweetest person i know, hopefully i can turn out like her some day.

this is all of us at tiffanie's community pool in las sendas! this is where the surprise went down! it was so much fun having everyone there for it!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

teeth and travel

Sophie is almost 7 months and has gotten her 2 botom teeth. i dont know what it is about my kids but they start teething really early. that just means, slobber, fevers, snot, and unhappiness for a whole lot longer. she sure is super cute though with them.
this last week i have been in Arizona with my family. about a month ago i decided that i wanted to go out and visit the fam. my sister angela and her kids and my dad were all going to be here for the week. i got my ticket and decided it was going to be a surprise. i ended up telling just a few people but we kept it from my mom and angela. jess came and got me and sophie, (tay and sky stayed home with donnie, his family helped take care of them while he worked) from the airport and we drove to my cousin tiff's pool and the heist began! it was so fun surpriseng them! they both freaked out and stared crying, then me and jess started crying, it was awesome!! we have had so much fun shopping and eating at all of our favorite places! once i get home i will try and upload the video of the suprise, and of course all of the pictures!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6 months

sophie is 6 months old now. she is growing like a weed!! she is crawling/ scooting all over the place, and loves to snuggle! she weighs 18 pounds still has her baby blue eyes. i just bought her a high chair and she loves to sit in it an eat her baby food.

maw maw got her this new bouncy and she hasnt quite gotten the hold of the concept yet. she likes to sit in it and twirl around but hasnt started bouncing yet. i think she is about to cut her first tooth on the bottom , so we shall see!


Lulu's is a fun place to eat down here in the south. its actually jimmy buffets sister's place that is famous. before taylor hicks won american idol he perfomed here on a daily basis! it has the best fried green tomatoes, seafood and live music! donnies sister nickie was in town so we got the whole fam together and went to eat, we all had a blast! if you ever come to gulf shores this is the place to eat!

taylor bouncing!