Brown Family Five

Monday, October 27, 2008


This is what the bath water looked like after the trunk or treat. it was seriously discusting!!

The trunk or treat was great fun! taylor wouldnt get out of the car for the first 20 min, because she was embarrased of her hair. i ratted it out and put red an black spray in it. she kep saying,"if you wouldnt have made it radical i wouldnt be so embarrased", ha ha meaning if i wouldnt have ratted it. anyways, i got so wierded out because of that, and when she finally came out of the car she just wanted to hang out with her friends. she walked around with them instead of donnie and skyar. i CANNOT believe i am at that point as a mother where my kids dont want to be around us, its so surreal. donnie and i just kept giving each other that look like "where in trouble"!

Other than that the party was GREAT! we had so much fun, and everyone looked great. im not sure im up for getting them all ready again this week....

Sunday, October 26, 2008


~The Rules~1.Share 7 random and weird facts about yourself.2.Tag 7 random people at the end of your post.3.Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Random fact 1~ I have a wierd phobia of jewlerey. mostly the chain kind, i dont know when i see it it makes me want to throw up. i cant touch it or anything. so dont ever ask me to clasp your necklace together you will get a big fat NO.
Random fact 2~ When i was a kid i used to wrap presents up from around the house and give them to my siblings.
Random fact 3~ my hip pops out of joint all the time. i can even make myself do it if i wanted to. people used to always ask me to do it at parties, i guess i was the freak show.
Random fact 4~ i love really stupiod movies. all of my family memebers make fun of me because i always like the dumb ones.
Random fact 5~ if i had a choice of a cruise i would go to alaska any day over a beachy cruise. its my DREAM to go to alaska!
Random fact 6~ i love to organize and pack for vacations. like its almost an obbsession. my sister angela always asks me to pack for her when i go to visit her, and clean out her closet. i used to pack for everyone when we were kids.
Random fact 7~ if i was smart enough i would love to be a nurse, but im not so oh well!

4th folder 4th picture tag

4th folder/ 4th picture Tag. this is the girls when we were in cleveland. i think we were in our apt. getting ready to go shopping or something. not to excititng ha ha!

Friday, October 24, 2008

ScHnEpFs fArM!!!

Last night we went to Schnepf famrs, its a family owned farm really close to our house that has been around forever and is actually prett famous. they did a corn maze of muhamad ali's face a few weeks ago, and he came here to see it. so anyways its alot of fun, and there is always really good food. this first picture is us eating. we had barbaque beef sandwiches, corn ont he cob, chili, and corn bread, YUM! Jess and my mom got to go with us, which was so much fun because we dont get to hang out that much even though they live here.

This is me and jes on the roller coaster. i went twice, first with me donnie skylar and my mom. Yes sky went on it, she is a brave soul. Taylor doesnt ever wantto go on anything and skylar went on everything with us!

We rode this buggy thing where we had to petal. it was SOOOOOO much fun!! donnie was pedaling really fast and we went over this huge bumb, skylar almost flew out of it, ha ha!! it was seriously a blast!

This is us watching the pig races. they had 3 different races with som big dat pigs. it was really cute!

This is skylar on the haunted train ride. yes, she went on the train and taylor didnt. she got a little scared when there was scarey monster men chasing the train, but then she would say, "they didnt get me mommy"!

Of course they loved the animal. they petted the goats, and fed them. there were some really cute pigs and bunnies there too. also a freaking huge cow!

Monday, October 20, 2008

halloween fun!

Here are some fun acitvities we did, and some yummy treats we made! i LOVE carmel apples, although this batch i made i think i burnt the carmel so im going to need to do it again(he he)! we also carved the pumpkins, and i baked the pumkin seeds!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

missed his calling?

He wasnt happy that we were taking his picture, ha ha sorry andy!! Donnie on the other hand looks way to happy back there!

Our friends Andy and Lacey came over last sunday for dinner and just to hang out, and we started talking about haircuts. so donnie cuts his own hair and actually does a really good job on it, i help him with the back. Andy was saying that he was supposed to go get a haircut the next day, and spend 25 dollars, ummm I DONT THINK SO! call me cheap but thats way to much for a guys haircut. so donnie offered to cut his hair. he did a good job and andy liked it(well so he says, ha ha)! I think that needs to be his second job!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Friends and family

I would just like to give a little shout out to the woman in my life. i have so many good strong spritual woman around me that are such good examples to me and i seriously love it. my friend Lacey bore her testimony at church sunday and it was just so reashuring that there is someone out there that feels the way i NEED to feel. i always get caught up in needing the nicest and the best "things" and she stressed that its sooo not important. i need to appreciate the things that we have and teach our children that money isnt everything, and we dont need to have the huge house and all of the fancy cars, and all of that c*r*a*p. so thanks to you lace for being a true friend and loving us for who we are! I have so many great friends out here, and its so awesome having my mom and jess close. its so hard not to have my older sister angela out here, i love you too, and your the best! thank you for being such a good example to me and being such a good law abiding citizen, i can learn from you ha ha. i dont know what i would do without my famliy, my close friends and my cousins, you truly are inspirations in my life!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The house

Please excuse the lovely curtains....there not mine

I thought i would take a few pictures of the new house. we really like it alot, were only renting it but i am starting to like it too much ha ha! The plan was to move into this one while we look for one to buy, but with the way things are going with the economy we probably will be in it longer than we thought. it is alot bigger than the other one though so thats good!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taylor's awards ceremony!

Friday Taylor had 2 awards ceramony's. The first one was for the kids who got studant of the week, which she got!! she is so dang shy though, when Dr. Egan asked her why she thought she deserved this award she whispered because i mad good decisions, ha ha so cute! the second on was for all of the first graders. she got the sunshine award, which is an award for a child who is improving and doing well, or something like that. Her teacher says she id doing very well, and that she loves haveing her in her class. i am so proud of her, we love her so much!

There she is scared to death. i dont know what it is about her and crowds, she gets so nervous. he is trying to shake her and and she wont even look at him, ha ha!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday lunch with the fam!

Today i went down to costa vida for a little b-day lunch. the plan was to meet all my cousins down there for me and my moms birthday which was today also! when i got down there i found out that my other cousin nick and his wife stephanie (hadnt met her yet, she is so cute!)also my aunt and uncle were down from montana!! it was SO much fun to get to see them! the lunch was a blast i wish we could do it more often. i got some really good gifts also. i got a pedicure, an adorable journal, and a cute sign that says family. i love my family so much and its so much fun to be able to get together for b-day lunches!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy birthday to me!!!

so today was my 28th birthday, holy cow i cannot even believe it!!!! i am getting so dang old its sad! today was a good day, i woke up and donnie had made me a chocolate birthday cake with chocolate frosting, and he had a card for me. Then my little sister came over and they sang happy birthday to me. so jessy watched the girls for us while we went and had some birthday fun. we went to this little boutique in mesa called junky trunk and i bought some really cute jeans. then we went to eat sushi at kona grill!! it was seriously the best food i have eaten in a long time! then we got home and part of my present to myself was joing the Y. so im so excited to get back to the gym and drop the 10 pounds i have gained since i have been home. so all together i had a wonderful time on my special day, ha ha!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I love the fall!!

This is for sure my favorite time of year!!! i love it so much!!! even though its still over 100 degrees here, its starting to feel like fall. i have decorated for halloween already, i will take some pictures of that soon and put it up. things are still really crazy around here!! i also wanted to put up a picture of my cute halloween jar. i had this jar and was trying to decided what to put in it. so i decided gohst peeps, and carmel candy corn. it turned out so cute! now if i can just keep skylars hands out of it!