Brown Family Five

Sunday, November 30, 2008


LOVED IT, saw it twice...... thats all i have to say about that

san tan flats again.....

We took everyone to san tan the day before thanksgiving. we ate there roasted smores, and danced the night away. i really love this place, it is so much fun for adults and the kids. towards the end of the night donnie and blane dicided to go play some pool, i was sitting there watching thomas and nickie dance. some man walked up to me and asked me to dance. i was a little hesitant, but he pulled me up, and i didnt want to be rude. he told me that he was in town for a golf week, him and his buddies. his friends bet him 5 dollars that i would say no, ha ha and he told me i was cute. i saw donnie looking at me like what in the heck are you doing? its nice to know i have options lol!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

it never rains in arizona

of course the time where i have company and a bunch of kids it rains for 3 days straight, so we had to decided what to do. i thought it would be fun for the girls to go down to papa murpheys and make some mini pizzas. my mom of course loved it, she saved all of the centers of the cinnomon wheels and cheesey breads, and got some sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. they had so much fun doing it. we put aprons and hats on them and put them to work. this will definatly be something they will always remember, thanks mom!!!

family times

We had so much fun with donnies family while they were here for thanksgiving. the time flew by way to quickley. the girls decorated a ginger bread house with pam, and we all went out to dinner at kona grill. the food there is soooooo good!!! blane fell asleep waiting for our food because they kinda took a long time so i took a picture of him, im sure he didnt appreciate that.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

paw paw's treat

Donnie's family is here for thanksgiving, his parents drove from Alabama, and his sisters family drove from california. donnie's dads favorite thing is getting donuts for all of the grandkids. so that morning we woke up and of course the few days i have family in town it rains cats and dogs. well he asks me where the closest krispy kreme is, and i told him about 30 min away. being the good grandpa he is he says OK, gets in the car and drives an hour just for donuts for the kids,(i cant complain though). we havent had krispy kreme in so long because they closed down for like 3 years. he got hats and everything for them!! they were soooooo yummy!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

flashback friday....

even though its saturday. THIS SHOULD BE FUN. im not sure why people want to post pictures of themselves back in the day. i like looking at other peoples "flashbacks" so why not share some of mine. this first one is my prom from my senior year. i actually had gone twice that year, once with my boyfriend to his schools, and this time here with my best friend travis. i loved his gold jacket!!

this next one is from junior high. CEDAR HEIGHTS BABY!!! they were from our 9th grade graduation. my dress by the way looks like a table cloth(you didnt know that was in style back then?) i really did have the best group of friends ever!! i would go back to school any day!
this one is from tolo i think. its a girls ask guys dance. this is my boyfriend ben and i. my mom made a huge authentice chinese dinner for all of us, that was SOOOOOO good, i was so impressed with it. good times!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

santan flats

The other night Donnie had some APX people in town so we went to dinner at this place out here called the santan flats. it is seriously so much fun. its all outside up against this mountain, they have live music and dancing. They also have fire pits all around so you can roast marshmellows. we ate barbaque and smores, it was soooooo good! Donnie danced with the girls, but it was too dark for me to get a good picutre of them.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


we had my friends boys over the other day, she has twin boys tyke and cruz who are 5 and a little 2 year old zach, who skylar says is her zach, ha ha!. the kids all play really well together. we decorated suger cookies, and they played train!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

garage sale finds

about a month ago i found these two pieces of furniture at separate garage sales. the desk was 10 bucks and the t.v. stand (which is really a microwave stand) was 5 bucks. they were originally just plain wood but i painted them and roughed them up to look antuiqy. i think they turned out really cute! i just need to get hardware for them. please excuse the ugly curtains, they came with the house :)


The night of our anniversarry my mom watched the girls while we went and ate. i came home to this. Taylor was playing on the treadmill, which by the way i dont allow. im sure she asked grandma a million times before she caved. i think her toe got caught in the belt, but it ripped off the whole top layer of her skin. so my mom felt horrible of course and told her that since she was so brave she would go buy her a toy.Taylor told me the next day that she was going to have grandma buy her either an ipod or a computer(ha ha). i said ok, good luck with that, and she continued to say, "well i will have to tell my friend at school not to get me an ipod anymore since grandma is getting it". What i want to know is why she is telling her friends at school to buy her expensive gifts. i dont know where she gets this from?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A little election talk

So yesterday before the election went down my little first grader decided to have a conversation with me about it, this is how it went down...were riding in the car and she asks
taylor-"so mom who are you gonna vote for today?"
me-"(a little suprised by the question) well im voting for mccain."
taylor-" well all the people at school are gonna vote for that other guy, i cant remember his name"
me-" you mean obama"
taylor-" ya ovama (correct spelling) thats who they want that ovama guy" how come everyone wants him to win?
me-"well i dont know thats a good question"
taylor-" my friends said that if ovama wins he is gonna ruin the whole world! why is he such a bad person?
me- (trying not to laugh)"its not that he is a bad person we just dont believe in the same things"
taylor-" oh, well i voted for who you wanted.
me" oh good!

HA HA HA! its so funny what kids pick up on these days!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Today is my anniversarry. we have been married for 8 years. here is a little bit of our history. my brother chris and donnie were on the same mission together in west virginia. they got to be good friends and chris talked him into coming out to school in provo. i was graduating highschool right when they moved up to utah so donnie is in all of my graduation pictures along with my boyfriend at the time. for me it was love at first sight. i told my little sister the day i met him that i was going to marry him. so i then decided to move to utah and go to school. he wouldnt date me at first because i was chris's little sister, but i was very persistant, and the rest is history. We have had a lot of ups and downs, but i would not want to share that with anyone else than him. he really is the sweetest most tendered hearted person i know.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Mystery

So i woke up halloween morning with this on my wall. i had to do a double take when i looked at it, because i thought maybe it was part of my decorations, but then realized no, its not. its a reflection on my wall from i think some platters on my counter and the light. it looks exactly like a skeleton!! crazy huh! i thought it was the coolest thing ever to wake up and find this on halloween morning!!

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!

so today was a crazy day as you can see in the first picture. this was on the way down to papa murpheys to let my parents see the kids.

then we went to my friend laceys brother in laws house for a big halloween bash. we had a blast there!! they made walking tacos for dinner and chili pies. we went trick or treating in there neighborhood, which was the best neighborhood ever! all the houses were decorated amazing, there was even a life size pirate ship that some people built outside of there house. you could walk through it and get the candy. it was seriously amazing, i will put pictures up of it later because im stealing them from lacey when she puts hers up, ha ha! the girls had so much fun the didnt want to leave there house. they were all going to watch scary movies but we headed home because donnie was tired from hunting that morning, yes you heard me he got up at 4:30 am and went hunting with some friends. well i hope everyone had a great day, and a happy halloween!