Brown Family Five

Friday, September 26, 2008

my little models

My friend mary watched the girls the other night while i worked at the store and took these pictures of the girls. i think they turned out so cute!!! she asked if she could use them for her portfolio, i didnt know she was a photagrapher, ha ha!! i am so excited that i have some pictures to print out for there new rooms!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I just got internet tonight at the new house so i appoligize for the lack of blogging. things have been beyond crazy around here. we moved into or house...well let me rephrase that I moved into our house last week. we had my whole family down for the opening of my parents papa murhpeys and i have been working at the store every day since. its been really fun and very tiring. donnie of course is still gone and wont be back until next week. i am really getting used to being a single mom, other than having to kill spiders and bugs i can do everything on my own, ha ha! i am sorry for neglecting everyone your all still on my mind!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


The time has come everyone!!!! my parents store is finally opening on monday the 22nd! everyone in the area needs to come down and try it out. its on valvista and southern next to starbucks. it is seriously the best pizza ever!!! also if anyone needs a job or knows of someone that needs one just let me know. this is angela and i handing out pizza sample in front of the bashas. ok there are alot of wierd people out there, ha ha. i was getting scared...but it was fun at the same time! i am going to be working for her in the mornings, a few days a week!

hangin with grandma gay

Even though things are so crazy busy that i want to shoot my eye out....its been so much fu hanging out with my family. the kids LOVE grandma!!! they also love playing with there cousins, well most of the time. we have a little issue every now and again but who doesnt!


well taylor finally started school. i hope she hasnt gotten to far behind, but we will just have to work extra hard to catch her up! im so excited because i got the teacher that i wanted. she is LDS, and her husband works for APX, so thats kinda cool. Taylor is really loving it. she has 3 or 4 kids in there from her class last year, and they were all really excited to see her. i still cant believe she is in 1st grade. she has already gotten a little bit of a tude since she has started. i am not looking forward to her teenage years.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Visit with grandma!

on the way through we always stop in see grandma donnie! there is one mall in amarillo and we stop there to eat and the kids can get out and play at the play area. we love being able to see her and the kids love it to! she is so funny! its a good thing she doesn read this, but its funny becase she thinks donnie works for national security. she tells me, "everytime i watch the news and see them talking about national secutiry i think about donnie", HA HA HA! i thinks thats pretty funny, when really he only sells security systems. i didnt have the heart to tell her the truth, ha ha! Love you grandma!

new hair!

on the way home we stopped at my sisters who cuts hair and all got a haircut. well all of us but skylar. she is the only one who didnt. im not touching her hair. they all turned out so cute!! i love mine short, its so much easier to take care of. Taylors hair is ADORABLE!!!! i seriously love it so much!!! it makes her look so grown up. i cant believe she is finally starting school tomarrow. i am gonna cry like a baby!! by the way the bottem picture my hair, it was alot!!

Last day in chicago

The day before we left Chicago we had some friends give me and the girls a a tour of downtown chicago. They are my neighbors in arizona, but are snowbirds, so they live here for for the summer. it was so nice of them to come pick us up and take us down there. her husband dropped us off righ at navy pier. it was a beautiful day, kinda hot but really nice!
This is us in navey peir, its a huge famous pier with a ferris wheel, bear gardens, and a bunch of good food!
were standing in front of a pirate ship. i waved at it and it shot a fake cannon at me, it scared the crap out of me.

then we at lunch at bubba gumps. it was really good. i had a shrimp po boy!

Skylar and i went on the huge ferris wheel by are selves. taylor was of course to scared to go, so she stayed down with Mae and went on a baby train ride. it was beautiful up there.

This was from the very tip top. it was kinda scary looking down. sky loved it, she ate her lolli pop the whole way.


Then we got on a trolly and rode around the city. it took us close to millenium park. we got out and walked about t mile to get there. we were seriously cramped in that thing, but it was really fun!


This was at millenium park. its just a hug splash thing for people to cool off. it was really cool. your right in the middle of the city!

This is where the water is falling from, and it has someones face on it, pretty cool!

Then we walked to the subway to ride out of the city. Mae said we rode it about 20 miles out to meat her hubby to pick us up. wow that was an experience. i have only seen it in the moves, but it is exactly what we see, a bunch of people cramped in to a bus going REALLY fast. that thing was crazy. As you can see the girls fell asleep on it.

We saw this on our way home he was not scared odf us at all.They took us to some authentice atalian pizza resturante. the owner cane and talked to us, and he sounded like he was straight out of the sopranos. i seriously wanted to tape him, he was really funny! it was the BEST day ever. we had sooooo much fun, and am so glad we got to do that before we left.


I never want to get in my van ever again. that really was the longest trip i have ever been in and i cannot believe i am finally back!!! we got in about 7 last night. it was so good to see me mom, and my house!! well not my house for long, my mom and dad are going to live in this house and donnie and i are going to find something bigger hopefully. we got up this morning and took all of the kids to the pool. did i mention that my sister and her kids followed me home to arizona? well my parents are finally opening the store (papa murpheys), so everyone is coming for the store opening. its gonna get crayzy around here. i cant wait to start taylor in school on monday!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

we finally left!

we are OUTTA HERE!!! sat. we got up as usual and went to take donnie to work, and were sitting in the car, and were like, "lets just go home right now" so we went home packed up and left about 2 hours later. i am getting really good at packing up with no warning! we drove 12 hours to my sisters house in oklahoma city, where we have been for a couple days. were gonna leave tomarrow morning and head to albuquerque and stay the night. i cannot wait to get home!!!