Brown Family Five

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Skylar is 6!!

Today is skylars 6th birthday! i cant believe it time really does fly by. she is a wonderful addition to our family and we wouldnt be the same without her! i wish i had pictures of her as a baby on this computer but once again all of my old pics are in storage in arizona. so i put up a few of my favorites of her!

this was her very first haircut by aunt angela. i saved the hair, i know thats wierd.

she is such a fun sweet little girl. she is very helpful around the house and latley has been asking to do the dishes.she loves playing with her sisters, they are her best friends. skylar always volunteers to say the prayers, and to help out with sophie. she loves school and is doing very well there! we love her so much and are so proud of her!


Jane said...

Love that Skylar! So fun to share a birthday with her. THANKS so much for coming over and celebrating with me. Loved the candle and really love the lemon! I needed a lemon scent in my house.
You are awesome Jen : )

Angela said...

Love you Skylar!!!!