Brown Family Five

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

its really happening!

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby donnie!! love you tons cant believe your 34! ok so were so excited because were going to get our stuff in less than 2 months, than im off to seattle for the summer! i cant even tell you how thrilled i am to see my friends and family in arizona and washington. for now were trying to find a house and its taking forever! wish us luck! only a month and a half left of school and its already getting sooooo busy. it seems like there is something going on every week. easter parties,field trips, field days, and so on. oon another note im quitting my job officially tomorrow. its bitter sweet. i dont feel like i have time to work with all of the stuff going on, but i like being able to get out of the house and make some money. oh well, the main thing is finding people to watch the girls, thats really getting old :)

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