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Saturday, March 12, 2011

mardi gras holiday

i really never thought i would be celebrating mardi gras as a holiday but when you live in the south its pretty much a given. Over the last 10 years i have been to many mardi gras parades and the girls have gotten a million beads and crap (excuse my launguage) that we will never use, so this year we decided to go somewhere fun. donnie and i both asked for time off and the girls had monday and fat tuesday off. we really wanted to go to destin fl and lay on the beach so i started looking for hotels. our good friends have a beach house here in orange beach and she talked me in to staying here and staying with them for a few days. it was actually the original plan so we decided just to do it. the beach is all the same anywhere down here right? we packed up a bunch of food and headed over(its only about 10 min from the house). we had soooo much fun. the kids swam and swam and swam some more. we really wish the weather was better but what can you do.

sophie LOVED it! i got her some floaties and pretty much didnt have to get in with her the whole time. she just floated around. of course there was a bunch of snowbirds around glaring at us, but we just ignored them.

on the second night we played put put. it was fun other than chasing sophie around the whole time. skylar ended up getting sick and throwing up. she had been complaing that she had a really bad side ache. turns out she had a bad UTI which we got her on antibiotics when we got home.

here is all of the kids, dakota,taylor,baylee, and sky!

dakota tripped over the hump ha ha

here is all of us at the first whole. it was really cold that night and once the sun went down we about froze!
i got the kids kites so one of the afternoons we went out to the beach and flew them for awhile. it was actually really fun and relaxing. best 4 dollars i have spent in awhile:)

the first night we were there we stayed up way to late and played a bunch of games, ate seafood junk food and laughed. we played clue with the kids, the "what if" game (very funny) and family fued. my dad got us who wants to be a millionare, family fued and deal or no deal for the dvd player for christmas. we had a blast playing that one. i think donnie and i beat holly and jake twice in a row. such a fun time and so greatful to be able to spend it with friends! thanks to the richards for being great hosts!!

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