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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

visit from mom

we had such a fun time when my mom came down to visit! of course it always goes by way too fast and its so hard to see her go, but it makes it ok knowing that i get to go to seattle for the summer! my girls love her so much, she really is the best grandma ever!

we went down to the beach to walk around and play in the sand. it was beautiful to watch the sun go down. the girls had a blast chasing each other.

This is us going to the justin beiber movie. we had soooo much fun and we LOVED it!!

we decided that on the girls half day we wanted to take them to the zoo. we had alot of fun and the weather was perfect. i love this tiny little zoo.

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Angela said...

so cute! Ok Sky is you with all her silly faces! lol